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3 Beautiful cities to visit along Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

Lake Geneva is the largest body of water in Switzerland. There are dozens of cities that boarder this beautiful lake. This is a list 3 cities to visit if you want to have some breathtaking views of the lake.

1. Montreux

The 1971 song “Smoke on the Water,” by Deep Purple, was written about the casino fire in Montreux on this lake.

In Montreux, you can treat yourself to some of the local wines. In the 12th century, viticulture (Latin for wine growing) was introduced to the region, and the sunny slopes of the lake from Lavaux to Montreux became an important wine-growing region.

2. Vevey

This fork on the shore of Lake Geneva in Vevey is 8 meters tall! It is part of Vevey’s museum, Alimentarium. Alimentarium has a permanent exhibition of food and Nestlé’s history. Nestlé is a company that profits from human suffering and destroying our planet, so I did not visit the museum. But, I did enjoy this silly fork in the lake. It’s unintentionally emblematic for all the pollution Nestlé is responsible for in our water!

3. Geneva

In 1827, Lake Geneva was the first place for the speed of sound to be tested in fresh water. But this lake isn't just for science experiments! In the Summer, you can swim, stand up paddle board, kayak, and more on the lake.

I took this photo today. I love moments like this where you look out and you see nature framing human life.

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